has been created by  parents to  support other parents,  parents to be,  care givers,  teachers, babysitters and  nannies.   We believe that just like growing your plants with the best care and love, with the best soil you will grow a seed into a beautiful strong and healthy plant; so can you raise your child into a beautiful and healthy human being.   Your child is your most important and hard task for a lifetime. We encourage our followers to use love and patience to help your child grow strong, sensible and healthy.   Our mission is to provide reliable and updated information about childhood development, raising issues and little notes that will help you cope with childhood.    Our staff editors will bring the latest content on matters related to childhood development, behavioral skills, discipline techniques, and any other subject that may be helpful through this important phase of human process.

If you are searching on a topic that you cannot find in our website, please contact us through e-mail or to our private forums and we will gladly provide the information requested. We publish material or references by topics of interest and look for resources and references that will help with the issue you are facing home.  Also, if you have any ideas about how to improve our site or any ideas that you have tried at home and helped you overcome a situation, let our community know; you are more than welcome to let us know your opinions, ideas and parental experience.  

If you believe we have publish any material that is inappropriate for our audience please let us know.  Our intent is to make useful information valid to other parents and/or guardians and not to claim any article or information as ours.  Thank you! 


2020 © 123RF StockPhotos. All the information herein is a compilation of newspaper, magazines and recommendations from professional caregivers and teachers. We have included the name of authors or source when available. Please contact us if you see information in this site from your authorship. We will include names and source to honor intelectual property rights.

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