15 ways to say “I LOVE YOU” to children

  1. Say and show that you LOVE him/her. Say I TRUST YOU!
  2. When speaking, look into their eyes.
  3. TALK to your child in the most lovable and respectful manner.
  4. Develop TRUST channels.
  5. STOP doing what you are doing and LISTEN.
  6. ASK: How can I help you?
  7. Set aside time to SHARE.
  8. Talk with the TRUTH.
  9. Be FAIR; equality with all your children, they are all SPECIAL.
  10. Say “I AM SORRY” and APOLOGIZE when wrongdoing.
  11. ACKNOWLEDGE their feelings.  Let practice that again: ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR FEELINGS.
  12. Be an EXAMPLE of responsibility.
  13. HUG them frequently, no reason required, it is only LOVE.
  14. Wish a “Good Day” when they are going to school, practice, work, etc.
  15. Be sure that the last words every night are “I LOVE YOU”. 

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