We the children of the WORLD are entitle to:


Grow physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.

  • Have our private lives respected by others.
  • Have our own culture, language and religion.
  • Ask and provide the necessary information that promotes our well being and our development as human beings.
  • Have our interests protected in each aspect that may affect us in school, hospitals, judges, deputies, etc.
  • To freely express ourselves, to be listened to and to have our opinion taken in consideration.
  • Not to be discriminated or judged by the fact of being different to others.
  • Have someone who help us and protect us in case of abuse, negligence or harm by others.
  • Not being obliged to perform dangerous tasks or activities that will affect our health, education or general development.
  • Not allowing no-one to touch or harm our bodies.
  • Learn all what help us develop to the max our personality, our intellect, and our physical-mental capacities.
  • Have a rightful life, more over if having any mental or physical disability.
  • Rest, play and practice sports.
  • Live in a healthy and clean environment and enjoy nature.
  • Actively participate in the cultural life of our community, through music, arts, theater, cinema or any other expression media.

Meet with our friends to think of projects and exchange our ideas.

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